Tuesday, July 17, 2007

that's just peachy

i try to buy organic whenever possible but i live in north york where shopping is done at loblaw's not farmer's markets. so organic doesn't mean local and it's still mass produced. and of course, my choices are limited by what's on offer and by what's in my wallet.

well here's a helpful guide that a fellow doula shared on a discussion board recently. i was horrified to discover that my beautiful peaches have the highest amount of pesticide residue of any fruit or vegetable tested.

i can't even FIND organic peaches in my local stores right now.


(The numbers listed next to the fruit are the test scores, 100 being the most polluted.)

1. peaches (100)
2. apples (89)
3. Sweet bell peppers (86)
4. Celery (85)
5. Nectarines (84)
6. Strawberries (82)
7. Cherries (75)
8. Pears (65)
9. Grapes, imported (65)
10. Spinach (60)


sheri said...

hi kristin - there is a farmer's market at mel lastman square on thursdays from 8am-2pm.

www.farmersmarketsontario.com for more info

any fruit that is supposed to be eaten with fuzz on it is clearly suspicious!

kristin said...

unfortunately that isn't a real farmer's market - those vendors just buy their food from the food terminal. i've yet to meet a farmer there and no organic in sight.... :(

sheri said...

i suppose anything that takes place at the square named after mel lastman is suspect. much like peaches! the riverdale one is good on tuesdays, (all organice) and apparently theres one at withrow now on saturdays i heard!

kristin said...

brickworks also has a great one and it's getting bigger every week.


if i lived at broadview i could take the shuttle to it!