Wednesday, July 11, 2007

why am i doula? confessions of a birth junkie

after my son was born, i was sitting in bed staring at him and i realized that as my last child, i was no longer going to be a part of the birthing community. soon he wouldn't even be a baby! i felt a deep sadness and the thought of saying goodbye forever to my midwives at Kalden's 6 week appointment illuminated all that i was going to lose.
i LIKE pregnancy and childbirth. i like it so much that i would do it over and over and over if i could. i love talking about babies and if it wasn't socially unacceptable i'd tell everyone i meet all about the births of my children. :)

so back to sitting in my bed - i was struck with the most brilliant of ideas that would allow me feed my birthing habit. i could become a doula! i could be around pregnant women ALL the time that way!

it's sort of a selfish career choice - i get a high when i see a pregnant belly and just the thought of supporting a woman through labour makes me giddy. i know it sounds weird but since becoming a doula i've discovered that there are lots of other "weird" women out there who feel the same!

in toronto, i am lucky that the birthing community is progressive. midwives are highly sought after and homebirths are becoming more popular than ever. it all makes me smile.

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