Monday, September 24, 2007

loblaws marketing infant formula with freebies

i have to express my disappointment with loblaws. this weekend i saw a coupon in their flyer for FREE pc organics baby cereal and i started to tear it out. then i read the small print.
"FREE with this coupon & the purchase of Similac Step 2 formula with Omega 3&6, 1020g...."
and so i'm mad and annoyed and irritated. luckily so are my friends.
i know a lot of people don't understand what is wrong with this. "it's just another freebie offer" right?
well there is something called the "International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes" as set by the World Health Organization.
The code is available to read here.
Loblaws is in direct violation of this code and to quote a wonderfully intelligent lady from the local boards "Until formula feeding is no longer then "norm" in our society there will be a need to regulate the aggressive marketing tactics of the formula companies. As a market leader Loblaws could lead the way in enforcing the Code and helping babies to receive optimal nutrition through breastfeeding."

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