Sunday, December 30, 2007

sleep deprivation as torture.

i suppose the good thing about kalden's sleep habits (or lack thereof) is that i will truly be able to empathize with my clients after their babies are born.  not that i couldn't before (india had her own issues as a babe) but kalden is certainly taking the cake for most difficult/bad/unpredictable/needy sleeper.

since birth kalden has not been a baby that i could just put down.  not in his pack and play, not in his bouncer, not in his bassinet, nowhere.  he was and is only content in my arms.  he has never fallen asleep on his own.  if he falls asleep in my arms and even SENSES that i'm going to put him down, he's awake and crying instantly.  the only way i can do it, is to lie down with him and gently release him.  let me re-iterate, it's been like this since day one.

i have a 3 year old who also coslept with me for a few months but she was a completely different character.

so now at nearly 10 months old, kalden is waking up every 45 minutes to 2 hours.  that means i havent slept in MONTHS.  i'm at the point where i'm miserable all the time.

last night it took me 5 hours to get kalden to sleep only to have him wake up an hour later. i wanted to jump off my balcony.

i've read all the "experts" and while i like dr. sears and elizabeth pantley, kalden's sleeping/self soothing habits seem so bad that i don't even know where to start.

what do you do if bedtime is 7:30 but you baby won't sleep until midnight?

right now max is responsible for getting him to sleep.  then i will go on duty overnight using Pantley's pull off method.  (only nursing for a few seconds and then unlatching baby - it takes 15 tries sometimes but they eventually fall asleep).  it's utterly exhausting and if it doesn't work then i'm going to cry. more.

check back here in a week.

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