Friday, December 28, 2007

worst parenting advice - by gary ezzo

this fraudster is supposedly a parenting "expert" but with absolutely no credentials he has HORRIFYING ADVICE that i honestly consider to be abuse.  no parent should be advised to ignore their newborn babies cries.

in this day and age, where "attachment parenting" and "gentle parenting" are not just the growing trend, but the evidence based approach most reasonable health professionals recommend, imagine my horror when a mainstream website sent me their newsletter with the title "your baby can sleep through the night (top experts tell how)" and when i followed their link i found advice from this nutcase.

here's a snippet of his garbage, ahem, "wisdom":

Ezzo advocates putting newborns on a strict, every three- to four-hour feeding schedule, which he and Babywise proponents refer to as "parent-directed feeding" (PDF). From that, says Ezzo, will come babies that rarely cry, sleep through the night at eight weeks, and grow to be responsible, respectful members of the community.

what kind of a person expects an 8 week old to sleep through the night and what kind of idiot tells parents NOT to feed their baby when the baby is hungry?

if you're curious to know how Ezzo's advice has worked for some people you can go here:  many babies have ended up hospitalized because of mr. ezzo's strict schedule.  apparently he thinks you can train a baby like you train a dog.

i sent the website promoting Ezzo's advice - - a VERY nasty email and so did some of my other mama friends.  to call him an "expert" is misleading and to repeat his advice is unforgivable. 

for REAL advice on how to deal with newborns there are a million places to go.

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BW Blah said...

While Ezzo says he does NOT teach parents to withhold food from an infant, his program conditions parents to not recognize hunger cues. Often hunger cues are misinterpreted as sleep cues.

What is scarier than Ezzo's outright teachings is the double-speak in his books. That leads parents to believe they are using "flexibility and common sense" while in actuality they are parenting in some pretty extreme ways.

For example, look at this bloggers Babywise advice: