Friday, March 7, 2008

i need a babysitter!

i have definitely used up all my favours with family and friends now, while i attend births. the last 3 have all been 24 hour plus births which means that my husband or mother or sister has to take time off to watch the kids.

clearly this is not an ideal situation.

but i'm SO paranoid and i simply can't imagine leaving my kids with a stranger. and to complicate matters, i need to leave the kids somewhere close by. i can't be driving in one direction to leave the kids and then drive downtown to the hospital.

so i've posted an ad in our laundry room bulletin board and i hopefully will find someone that i will feel comfortable with.

wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Well i live in the suburbs of philadelphia. I'll be 17 but all i do is babysit i have 4 nephews 3 neices and one on the way if u get my drift.. message me back if your intrested .. love Rhonda

Helen said...

BB...wish I lived closer so I could help you out!! Working on it though ;-)