Friday, June 29, 2007

sometimes i'm an a**hole

so my favorite aunts are leaving for a year. they are moving to california for work. i'm happy for them because it's a great adventure and they'll have a wonderful time BUT i'm going to miss them. and i'm sad because my daughter LOVES her aunties so so so much. and my son is only 4 months old. he'll be nearly 18 months when they get back and that is breaking my heart.

so i'm feeling down about it and what do i do? i call my best friend to complain.

what's wrong with that you might ask? well here's the thing. i called my best friend of almost 25 years to essentially say "poor me, i'm going to miss my aunts for a year". and she dutifully comforted me and told me it was okay to be sad.

well she should know about sad. my best friend lost her mother to cancer less than 2 months ago. so i'm complaining about a year away from my aunts and she's dealing with the rest of her life without her mother. i'm a jackass.

i don't even want to get into how i made it even worse by complaining about my kids missing their aunts. i just want to say that i'm a self absorbed jackass. it didn't even occur to me until much later in the day and i haven't been able to apologize to her yet but maybe she'll read this and know that i'm sorry.

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Paper Fan Club said...

Don't be so hard on yourself... sometimes we're the givers and sometimes we're the takers. Obviously, you were sad about your aunts and needed some taking. I don't doubt that you do more than your share of giving to others every single day.