Sunday, July 1, 2007


that's where my daughter says that my aunts have moved.

"caleeeefornya". she kept asking me for lisa and cindy this morning while we were getting ready for our weekly breakfast at my grandparents. i kept telling india that they are in california but she didn't get it. then i explained that california is far away and that we have to get there by plane. so of course a plane flew by us and india pointed up and said "mommy let's use that one".

i hid my tears behind my sunglasses and explained that she'll have to wait a few weeks at least before we take a plane to california.

she is going to miss them so much. and so am i.

and then my sneaky aunt left me a card at my parents house that sent me back into tears AGAIN. it's just lucky i wasn't wearing mascara today.

(hope the drive is going well so far guys!)

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