Friday, July 6, 2007

being a doula in the 21st century

i'm sure that there was a time when being a doula meant having a pen and paper to write down your clients info, and having a phone at home so that your client could call you when she went into labour.

that CERTAINLY isn't how things are now. especially not for doulas in the greater toronto area or in any booming metropolis these days. being a doula is a business now like anything else. you need business cards, pamphlets, a cell phone, a website ( and a high speed internet connection. i never imagined that becoming a doula meant that i needed to understand SEO and CSS stylesheets. eek! what have i gotten myself into.

most recently i've been wondering how i can best keep track of my clients information. at home it's easy because i use my laptop. but what about when a client calls me with a question while i'm at the zoo with my kids? i am pondering the neccessity of something like a blackberry but i simply can't afford it yet.

and even the doula certification courses have jumped on board with the modern day doula needs. they have sections about networking, advertising and marketing and about keeping your books. BOOKS?!? are they serious?!!?! (note to self : be really nice to client who is also a bookkeeper)

so between handing out pamphlets to local stores and businesses, reading medical journals, networking with other doulas, and searching online for the perfect doula bag - when exactly do i have time for my clients?

i'll have to get back to you on that one....

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