Sunday, December 23, 2007

happy holidays!

well i was SO organized this year that i designed and printed xmas holiday cards in OCTOBER. what a smart lady i am.

then we moved. then i lost the cards. then i deleted the files of the cards from my computer. then i cried.

so... here is what i could salvage from my pc. i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and next year i promise a real card!


JD said...

Your family is adorable Kristen...

Have a happy and safe holiday..

From your pal...


milchar1 said...

Give the kids hugs and kisses from us (if they will let you!).

Have a wonderful Christmas. We miss you.

Your California Aunties

P.S. It is 15 degrees celsius as I write this. Sorry

milchar1 said...

Give the guys hugs and kisses from us, if they will let you.
We miss you all!
PS it is 15C while I write this.