Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what's in a diaper wipe anyways?

i used diaper wipes with india. then when kalden came along my awareness about chemicals and toxins was heightened and i took a look at what i was using to clean my kids butt. needless to say, after reading this i switched to a plain old cloth with warm water. kalden's bum has never looked better. :)

Cleansing ingredients

Water is the main ingredient and serves as a carrier and
diluent for the other ingredients. Baby wipes also contain mild detergents mixed with moisturizing agents, fragrance, and preservatives. The detergents most commonly used are known as amphoteric surfactants, similar to those found in baby shampoos. Sodium diamphoacetate and coco phosphatidyl PG-dimonium chloride are primary
surfactants used in wipes. These chemicals don't strip the skin of natural oils and also decrease skin
irritation potential. Mildness is a prime consideration given that the wipe solution may be in contact with delicate skin around the anus and genitals.
Humectants such as
propylene glycol and glycerine are added to prevent premature drying of the solution and contribute to skin moisturization. In addition, some formulas incorporate oils such as mineral oil, lanolin, or silicones that help to soften skin. Thickeners, such as cellulose derivatives like hydroxymethyl cellulose, control the viscosity of the finished product and keep it the right consistency.
Other ingredients include preservatives, such as
methyl and propyl paraben, to ensure the solution does not support microbial growth. Fragrance is usually added to increase consumer appeal and to help over-come body odors, but fragrance-free products are also offered. Featured ingredients may also be added to increase consumer appeal. These include natural ingredients that are known to be kind to the skin such as aloe vera or oatmeal extract.

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