Wednesday, February 27, 2008

do anti-depressants work as well as we think?

this article touches on something that i feel pretty strongly about. researchers found that most people do as well on sugar pills as they do on actual depression med's. therefore the placebo effect is largely responsible for mood improvement among anti-depressant users.

it is downright frightening how many people have taken, or currently take mood altering medications (myself included!). are we, as a society, not concerned about this? do we really think the "happy pills" are the answer?

on a discussion board that i'm part of, this topic became quite heated as people became defensive and somewhat aggressive. scientists (and eastern philosophers) know that the mind/body connection is much more powerful than we give it credit. we CAN control our moods without drugs, we just don't know how.

of course, it also has to be pointed out that there is little money to be made is just living healthier, doing yoga and eating your veggies. but there is a hell of a lot of money to be made selling little pink pills to everyone who feels down.
and why do we all feel so down anyways? is it because we're all self absorbed, caught up in our consumer culture, sitting in our SUV's going to the drive thru window at mcdonald's and then home to watch american idol and big brother 79? we are isolated in our society. we don't support one another. hell we don't even give up our seat on the bus for a pregnant lady. we don't talk. we IM, PM, text, email and maybe call. but do we take the time to sit with our friends and talk? more importantly do we take the time to listen?

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